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Professional Organizations

Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Society for Occupational Health Psychology
Academy of Management

Podcasts on I-O Psychology topics

Tangentially related to I-O psychology:

  • Freakonomics
  • Hidden Brain
  • Employee Cycle (HR topics)

Blog posts on I-O psychology

  • Psych Learning Curve – several blog posts related to I-O psychology
  • Paul Spector’s Blog – retired professor posts on a wide range of topics
  • Department 12 – current practitioner Ben Butina, PhD, posts on a wide range of topics, and yes, he does a podcast too!
  • Neoacademic – current professor Richard Landers, PhD, posts on getting into grad school and his research areas of interest
  • I/O at Work – practitioner-focused blog posts
  • Minding the Workplace – an employment law professor posts on topics very related to I-O psych, esp. workplace bullying
  • Workplace Psychology – current practitioner Steve Nguyen, PhD, posts on I-O psych, change management, and other fun stuff

Books that might be of interest (not textbooks)

  • Work Rules! (2015, by Lazlo Bock)
  • Working: People Talk About What They Do All Day and How They Feel About What They Do (1972, by Studs Terkel)
  • Gig: Americans Talk About Their Jobs (2001, by Bowe, Bowe, and Streeter)

TED talks

I-O Psych related Instagram accounts

  • OrgPsych (@orgpsych) – good general connections between news, social media, and I-O
  • I-O Coffeehouse (@iocoffeehouse) – a group prioritizing anti-racism in I-O
  • Blacks in I/O (@blacksinio) – affinity group for Black I/O psych students and professionals
  • Latinos in I/O Psychology (@latinosiniopsychology) – affinity group for Latino I/O psych students and professionals
  • WorkPsych (@work_psych) – covers topics related to I-O
  • I-O Psych Memes (@iopsychmemes) – exactly what you think it is
  • My Mommy is an Organizational Psychologist (@mymommyisanorgpsych) – author of a kids book about I-O but also posts actively about I-O in general
  • The Workplace Psychologist (@theworkplacepsychologist) – I-O content in infographic form
  • Voices of I-O Psychology (@voices_of_iopsychology)- Student oriented and networking oriented